Yuna -Memo Lyric (: layan sebelum tidurzZZzzzZZzz....

Yuna - Memo
Lyric :

 I dont mind if you wanna stay,

With that smile upon your face,

Hang around for a little while,

Please dont drive away even for a mile.

I dont mind if you are far away

I’ll be waiting for you anway,

Under the sky of sunshine o rain,

I know ‘m gonna be in your arms again.

Different continents,

Its not a thing.

Coz i know we’ll be okay.

Endless borders,countless days,

Our love will pave the way.

I’ll be your wall,

For you to lean on,

When you fall just try to hold on,

I’ll be back in your arms,

Toegther we’ll always be

fOr what may come.


  1. eh BEST la lagu niewh...
    sedap jew...

    eh nak folow awk lak :)

    JOM singgah blog saya nak... aduhai...BORING ape maksud BORING?

  2. mmg best bro lgu ni...

    sila klu xkeberatan follow saya okeh..
    nt saya follow kmbali...

  3. i love yuna! shes so stylish and humble and pretty!!

  4. Dulu...bagi saya yuna tak best tapi sekarang baru aku thu yang yuna ni awesome!!!

  5. Hope she wins in Kids Choice Award... ;)

  6. yeah hope she wins..such a talented malaysian singer that we have..:)

  7. aww, awesome betol lgu ne, susah pulak nak cri mp3 lagu ne.


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