Crazy Doctor - Loudness Lyric

Crazy Doctor - Loudness

* Just when I thought my life was rising

The doctors left me here to die...

Trapped in a cage, locked in a prison,

Won't someone break this cursed lie!?

These walls are cold behind the steel door

Hear me scream, I'm beggin to be free...

My senses wonder am I dead or alive

I hear the devil laugh at me

** Everyday no way out

Everyday nowhere to run

They're coming after me

Doctors with their pain...

Take me away from here forever

*Ulang (Repeat)

**Ulang (Repeat) 

Wiki si Loudness ini : 

Origin : Osaka, Japan

Genres : Heavy metal, glam metal, progressive metal

Years active : 1981–present

Labels Records : Columbia, Atco, Warner Music Group, Rooms, Tokuma Japan, Wounded Bird 

Associated acts : Lazy, Ezo, Earthshaker, Anthem, Obsession, Yngwie Malmsteen

Members :

Minoru Niihara
Akira Takasaki
Masayoshi Yamashita
Masayuki Suzuki
Past members
Munetaka Higuchi (deceased)
Mike Vescera
Hirotsugu Homma
Naoto Shibata
Masaki Yamada
Taiji Sawada

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