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Lucciano Pizzichini 

Eight-year-old Argentine guitarist Lucciano Pizzichini, a.k.a. “Lucchy,” was recently voted Best Prodigy by theMiami New Times.
At the age of 3, Lucciano was already reading classical pieces by Carcassi. By age 4, he started formally reading specific guitar methods. By 6, he had completed the first method of guitar from the Berklee School of Music, as well as other classical guitar books. Lucciano has also shared the stage with such Latin superstars as Juanes, David Bisbal and guitar master Carlos Santana.
Lucciano Pizzichini is set to release his upcoming album, which will be supported by a global promotional campaign in Latin America, U.S. and Europe. Promotional pictures feature “Lucchy” with his Gibson Les Paul guitar, his guitar of choice. by - 

Memang idola kecil aku la Lucchy ni.. i love u man!!!

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